Knitting and mindfulness
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Knitting: The Mindful Craft You Need In Your Life

Knitting gets a bad rep as something that only old women do. The thing your grandmother does in her comfy chair to produce all those cardigans that make you itch and you only wear on special occasions.

But it shouldn’t be.

Knitting is a great passtime, for absolutely everyone, and is actually quite a mindful activity. You can do it wherever you are, you can have the TV on in the background, or music, and before you know it hours have gone by and you’ve created something magnificent.

Read on to find out why I love to knit so much, and how it’s helped me with my mental and physical health!

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Knitting and mindfulness

Knitting: The Mindful Craft

How did I find knitting?

About a year and a half ago I was an activities coordinator at a retirement home and decided to put together a knitting club so we could knit things and sell them for Sue Ryder. We would meet once a week, and these lovely ladies taught me how to knit and follow a pattern until I was able to create some pretty impressive things!

I started making squares and scarves and worked on a few different things for myself.

Move to a few years later, present day, in a worldwide pandemic, and I am knitting constantly. Even at this moment I want to get this written so I can go and finish off the socks I am currently working on (my first pair of socks ever, exciting!)

Beige Knitted Hat
The Juliette Knitted Hat on Philippa Claire Crafts

Why do I love knitting so much?

Knitting is one of the few things, besides writing, that doesn’t actually make me more tired. As someone with M.E, this is pretty valuable. It sometimes hurts my wrists and fingers, and makes my arms ache (a sign that I may have knitted too much), but it is not worse than any other hobby.

The reason I do it so much is that while my body is tired, and in pain, my mind is not. This takes such a huge toll on my mental health when I’m having a low energy day, because I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing and wasted my time – even though that’s not true at all, as resting is NOT a waste of time. If I’ve knitted while I at and watched TV then I feel like I’ve been a bit productive and it massively boosts my mood.

Add to that the sense of accomplishment when you’ve completed something that looks incredible, or learned to knit something completely knew, and you can see why I spend so much time on it.

Knitting for Mindfulness

I always recommend knitting as a craft because it forces you to focus on the present.

It grounds your mind to only think on one thing, yet it doesn’t take a lot of concentration (unless you’re making something really complicated). I can just sit and knit for hours on end, and it’s like all my worries have melted away. It’s just me, my needles and a ball of wool., or two

I’ve got loads of different projects on the go, so when I am a bit over one pattern or one item I can just switch to the next instead of just giving up altogether. I can also pick and choose what I work on based on how much energy I have and how much I can concentrate on it.

Green and Grey Knitted hat
The Freddie Knitted Hat on Philippa Claire Crafts

Why not try knitting?

If you’ve never tried knitting, and want to, it’s really easy to learn. Besides learning from the lovely ladies at my old workplace, I get most of my patterns and stitches from Youtube. It’s so easy to follow and they have EVERYTHING on there.

One of my favourites is Very Pink Knits, which I think is a great place to start! She has loads of beginner videos, and I even learned the twisted German cast on from her tutorial – and that’s a pretty complicated one that I never thought I’d be able to do!

Want to support me in my knitting?

I’ve been knitting so much throughout lockdown that I have now opened my own etsy store – Philippa Claire Crafts. The reason for this is just to pay for the materials so I can keep knitting., as it’s helped my mental health an unbelievable amount!

More bits are being added all the time so be sure to check back!

I also take commissions if you want to email philippaclairefreelance[at]gmail[dot]com for any queries!

Are there any other crafts you’ve done that you’ve found helpful for you mental or physical? Please comment below! Knitting can’t be the only one out there!

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