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Be Brave Story #15: Philippa Berry

First Published on Spoke by Her on 11/06/2020

M.E stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitus, otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It’s a neurological disorder that affects around 265,000 people in the UK […]

What is Hygge?

First Published on Diffusing the Tension on 28/02/2020

Truth time: I have been wondering, “What is hygge?” for a while now. I was seeing it pop up a ton on Pinterest, but hadn’t really done any reading up on it. Chalk it up to being too lazy to actually investigate it. […]

Extreme Fatigue and How to Fight Back

First published 14/03/2019 on Kate on Thin Ice.  

Extreme fatigue is so debilitating. It can be dangerous for us physically and has a negative impact on our spirits too. We all get very tired from time to time […]

Letter to My Past Self

Originally posted on Sea Sanctuary on 04/02/2019

You are going to survive this.

There will be a day when you can wake up in the morning, get ready and get on with your life. No self-harm, no self-destructive thoughts, nothing.[…]

Soon to be Law Grad Fined £200 for Smoking Weed in Bridges

Originally posted on the Tab Reading in 2015.

A fuming third year was caught having a cheeky toke in her bathroom – and forced to cough up £200.

Security stormed Bridges Halls following a noise complaint, and then woke everyone up to find out why the corridors stank of weed. […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What does it really feel like?

Originally postd on Philippa Claire on 09/02/2019

Have you ever had a week that feels like it’s been non-stop, where you’ve struggled to come up for air?

You get to Friday and your body and mind are so overwhelmed that you feel like you need to sleep the entire weekend just to be able to face Monday morning? Well, every day feels like that when you have chronic fatigue. […]

My Analogy for Depression

Originally posted on Il Se Interiore on 31/07/2013, and reposted to Philippa Claire on 07/02/19.

As one of the most common mental disorders all across the world, Depression is pretty much everywhere.

But the worst part about it is that it is widely misunderstood. I mean, unless you’ve fully suffered from chronic depression, you will probably never truly appreciate how hard it is and you won’t understand it. […]