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Here you will find all things related to mental health and chronic illness. Whether it be coping with daily life, managing your symptoms, practicing self care, you’ll find it all here!

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This blog contains personal, not professional, advice. I am not a trained health professional, just another person going through the same storm.

Some of my recent favourites:

Making the most of your rest days.

Rest is so important when you live wih a chronic illness, and it’s important to know how to rest properly in order to feel your best. Here’s what I do on my rest days.

A day in the life of anxiety.

There are many parts of daily life that can trigger anxiety, that ‘normal’ people wouldn’t even consider. This is what a day with anxiety is like.

Daily life with a chronic illness.

There are many challenges that are faced by those living with a chronic illness every day. Here I describe the key elements of my daily life with chronic illness.

Important reasons to love youself.

In this day and age it’s hard to love yourself, namely because the world tells you it’s rude or vain. But here are 5 very important reasons why you still should!