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Returning To Writing After a Hiatus

In August 2020 I made the painful, but necessary, decision to take a break from blogging.

I usually love to write, and this labour of love was one of my biggest hobbies. But by this point it had become stressful, and tiring, and just another thing on my to-do list that I couldn’t keep up with. Did the pandemic have an impact? It’s hard to say. All I know is that I was spending every day preoccupied with page views and how to increase them, so much so that it sucked the joy out of writing completely.

It was supposed to be a short break, a month or two tops, but here I am over TWO YEARS later only now feeling ready to return to blogging.

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Returning to Writing after a 2 year break

Why did I need a break from blogging?

Funnily enough, my issues started in March 2020 – but not due to the pandemic, it was actually due to Pinterest.

If you are a blogger yourself you may remember the moment the Pinterest algorithm changed and everything we knew about it blew up in our faces. I’d worked hard to get a large audience and it had worked out so well – but overnight my views tanked and no matter what I tried I could not get back what I once had.

I should’ve known then that this was a sign. Because this blog is meant to be a hobby, a way to cope with my illness and share my experiences. I was consumed with views and ways to make money from it, and that was not the point of this site.

I kept going though, spending my evenings and weekends trying to create better pins, better descriptions, researching new techniques, doing anything I could to get my views back to what they were. And of course, nothing worked.

There was only one thing for it, I needed to take a step back and return when I was ready to use it as it was intended.

So here I am!

As a side note, even though I’ve not actually used it for 2 years Pinterest is STILL generating me blog views every day, and this hasn’t stopped. Make of that what you will!

Making a Comeback

I’ve actually been planning to return to blogging for about 6 months now. I’d never intended to be gone for as long as I was, but it took a long time to get that passion back, to feel that calling.

There was also a global pandemic, buying a house, adopting a VERY anxious rescue dog and planning a wedding all going on in that time. Safe to say I had a lot of other stuff on my mind.

Every time I’ve thought about it though, the reality of actually sitting down and getting things written out has felt exhausting. Putting together an entire blog post was just too much. Life is tiring enough as it is, do I really want to add one more thing to my endless to do list?

The memory I’ve had of blogging for the longest time has been that stressful frantic typing and researching I did in my free time that never felt like it paid off – and that was not something I ever wanted to go back to.

With more and more time though, and distance, I started to actually miss the writing. Which has brought me to this day, to now.

So What Did I Do?

The most important thing I’ve learned, with all things in life, is the importance of breaking everything down into manageable chunks.

My ME often means I don’t have a lot of energy to spare, and so I find it difficult to even get started on what I need to do simply because the whole task just feels like too much. Whether that be putting the washing away, tidying the living room, planning a wedding (YIKES) or indeed returning to blogging. The big picture is always too much (I’ve fought with this for a long time, and that’s just the way it is).

So, breaking things down is essential. Small, bitesize, easy to complete chunks.

The living room does need to be tidied, but for today all I need to do is clear up the coffee table and then I can rest. It makes me feel better, because I’ve been productive. And more often than not, once that part is completed I am then able to continue and finish the rest of the tidying – but breaking it down is enough to get me started on it.

Breaking Down Blogging

How did I do that with blogging?

To be honest with you it wasn’t just the writing that felt daunting. I hadn’t looked at my blog at all in that time, and I knew it probably needed editing/updating.

The idea of sitting down and doing all that, I really couldn’t bring myself to do it. Even now as I write this it is actually stressing me out. Blogging is a lot!

When I finally felt ready, I just commited to looking at my blog – assessing the damage. There’s no point in stressing out about something you haven’t even looked at right? And when I did, it was not as bad as I’d made it out to be (it never is, is it?) – I’ve deactivated some plug-ins and fiddled with the pages, but nothing else in particular actually NEEDED changing.

Of course there are improvements that can be made, and one day I’ll get around to them. But for the purposes of getting started, that was enough.

And now here I am, three quarters of the way through the blog post I never thought I’d be able to write.

Go Easy On Yourself

Most importantly, with things like this it is essential that you give yourself credit for showing up, and understanding when you can’t.

I may have not managed to get back into blogging today, like many days before, and that would’ve been okay. I’ve got enough on my plate, I don’t need to feel guilty about the things I don’t have the energy or brain space for.

It’s a hard lesson I’ve learned over the years. Give yourself a break. You’re doing the best you can and that’s all you can do.

If you are also finding it hard to get back into that place, whether that be with writing, drawing, creating, or even daily-life admin, I want you to know you’re doing a good job just as you are. We are always going to wish we could do more, be more, achieve more, so just go easy on yourself and be proud of the things you DID do.

I don’t know how helpful this has been, it’s not really a step by step guide to returning to blogging – more of an inner monologue from someone who has really missed writing. But if you have any tips on this from your own struggles do leave a comment below and we can all help each other!

I’ll see you again soon!


Philippa Claire

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