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25 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

This isn’t the first time I have written about, and shared, positive affirmations with you. I truly believe in their power, and today I wanted to share with you my best positive affirmations for anxiety.

Stating the obvious here but living with anxiety every day isn’t fun. In fact personally mine has become a hundred times worse during lockdown. And while the world around us has changed, as well as the level of support, being able to use self affirmations is something that remains constant. It’s NEVER going to change. They will ALWAYS be there for us. We can at least take some solace in that. 

I’m in no way claiming that using positive affirmations will rid you of your anxiety completely – that’s not how they work. They don’t remove the anxiety, or the trigger, but they can hopefully help you through it. 

Below I have listed some of my favourite affirmations for anxiety. Why not have a read and make a note of your favourites for easy access!

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25 positive affirmations for anxiety.

I am affirmations

I am strong

I am in control

I am able to get through this

I am worthy of good things

I am safe

I am able to do what I put my mind to

I am more than my anxiety

I am calm, and relaxed

I am loved

I am moving forward all the time

Other I affirmations

I can do this

I can, and will, reach my goals

I can manage my feelings and emotions to get through this

I have done this before, I can do it again

I extend the same kindness to myself as I do to others

I deserve good things in life

I release my past mistakes and move forward

I trust in myself and my ability

More affirmations

This is only temporary, and it will pass

This will turn out better than I expect

All is well, I am happy and content

What I put out into the world I get back, I choose to give strength and love

Positive changes are happening in my life right now

It’s going to be okay

The only approval I need is my own

How to use these positive affirmations

Whenever you feel the negative thoughts overpowering you, try to challenge those thoughts with one of these affirmations. Memorise them, or keep them somewhere that’s easy to access, so you are always equipped with them. 

My favourite places to keep mine are on my phone, and on post it notes around the house where I will see them. 

I also love using these power thought cards, which I keep by my work computer and read every morning to help me get through the day. I often share them on instagram to inspire others because I really do love them.

However you choose to use them, I hope that they are helpful.

What’s your favourite affirmation? If it’s not one of the ones here feel free to share yours in the comments below, I’d love to hear it!

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